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Koi.Bio Unique NFTs collectibles based on the BSC and ERC721-Polkadot. is a cross chain NFT collectibles based on the BSC(Binance Smart Chain) and Ethereum ERC721-Polkadot. It has integrated the NFT card game which has the functions of collection, cultivation, trading, auction, game, and others. By adopting the cross-chain mechanism, builds the cross chain NFT-KOI collectibles, such as Polkadot, BSC and ETH.



The total number of all KOI cards is 100,000. Koi NFT Genesis cards are the 0 generation cards. All the cards extracted through the blind box are 0 generation cards. When the players destroy the cards, the total number of cards will be reduced accordingly. The reduced cards will flow to the card contract. One day, all 100,000 cards are drawn out. There will be no players to destroy the cards. In result, it is no longer possible to draw new Koi cards. The new players can only wait for the destroyed cards by the previous players before they can continue to draw new cards corresponding to the number of cards that have been destroyed. Koi NFT cards are divided into three levels which are level 1, level 2 and level 3 respectively. The detailed rules are as follows:

1) the players can use 100 KOI to participate in opening the blind box, after obtaining Koi tokens from Genesis ore pool.

2) A rare KOI NFT is enclosed within the blind box.

3) The constellation type has the specific matched date. For example, when the matched date for Constellation of Aquarius is in the range from 20th January to 18th February, the last four digits of KOI NFT card gene number obtained by opening the blind box can be 0122. When the players have a date card that matches the constellation type in the last four digits of KOI NFT card gene number obtained by opening the blind box, the corresponding gene constellation icon will appear in the upper left of this card. By doing so, the players will gain the unexpected surprise and their interests of card collections can be increased.



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